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Water Diverson

My yard is relatively flat in the front, but my property is bordered by land that slopes steeply down towards the back of my house. After a heavy rain, water flows across my side and back yards and down to a drainage ditch located below my lot. A new feature to my yard is the decorative flagstone walkway built along the right side of my house in the fall of 2023. The pathway is installed over a gravel bed that hides a drainage pipe and drain. This helps keep water away from the side of the house and moves it down through the back yard. Another water diversion feature is the small drain at the end of my front sidewalk that pipes water to a ditch along the property line below. Functional and pretty!Flagstone walkway camouflages a water drainage systemDrain at end of front sidewalk


Flagstone walkway camouflages a water drainage system

Drain at end of front sidewalk

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