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Susie's Corner

I am the fifth child in a family of six children. My eldest sibling, Susie, died in January of 2023 following a many years battle with cancer. Susie was a typical over-achieving oldest sibling - energetic, creative, artistic, and a lover of nature. Although she lived 2500 miles away in the Pacific northwest, we were able to have many trips and adventures together. A few months after her death, I spotted a bright blue ceramic frog while browsing in a local store. I thought of Susie and decided I needed to include that frog in my garden in her memory. Then I saw a second frog in a turquoise color. Which one should I get? Susie liked both colors, so of course I bought both. They now sit beneath my red buckeye and guard an area in my backyard that I call Susie’s corner. Other plants in the area are wood poppy, daffodils, beautyberry, rue anemone, and resurrection fern. Susie would have loved this.


Wood poppy (native) – Stylophorum diphyllum

Resurrection fern (native) – Pleopeltis polypodioides


American beautyberry (native) – Callicarpa americana

Red buckeye (native) – Aesculus pavia

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