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Stella's Garden

Garden Welcome

My garden has no blueprint.  If I see a plant that I like, I buy it and then I decide where to plant it. 


I grew up in South Georgia in a rural community.  I learned at a young age from my Daddy how to prepare soil for growing vegetables, fruit trees and roses, as well as maintaining for a good outcome.  From both my grandmothers I learned to grow and appreciate many various colorful flowers.  


I love ‘playing’ in the soil, feeling the textures and smelling the ‘earth’.  


Gardening brings me much Happiness, Peace, and Contentment. I garden as though I will live forever, it feeds my soul.  I believe gardening gives you hope that there is a tomorrow. It’s exciting to wake up in the morning anticipating finding a new bloom. 


One of my greatest joys is teaching my grandson about gardening and seeing his interest in planting and caring for flowers and vegetables.  


I completed the Hall County Master Gardener Program in 2023.  I currently volunteer in various Hall County Master Gardener projects; Wisdom Project 2030; and a member and past Board member of the Gainesville Newcomer’s Club.  


I enjoy gardening, reading, and spending time with my grandchildren.  


A garden teaches patience; it takes time or a season to know if a particular plant will thrive in your soil or if it is in the ‘right’ spot to get enough sun or shade.  Much to my husband’s dismay, I move plants around to different locations, sometimes during the same season and sometimes before the next season. 


My townhome was a ‘new build’ in 2021 which came with numerous challenges in creating my garden.  Preparing the soil was time-consuming and hard physical labor. 

I have a bit of imagination and I like to be creative.  I wanted to add various textures, colors, and few quirky features in my garden.                                       

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