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Red, White, and Blue Garden

The garden between the sheds is the “Red, White, and Blue Garden”.  The large specimen tree is a native Eastern Redbud tree which planted itself from leaf mulch in 2013.  This tree, along with its smaller offspring, has turned the area into a shade garden, which is planted with various variegated foliage plants, including hostas, heuchera, ferns, trilliums, and toad lilies.  

The small sunny patch of this garden features peonies, which bloom in early May, and also False Indigo, species Iris, and salvias in red and blue.  

The gardens between the large shed and the road were the first gardens built on the land.  Over the years, these gardens have devolved into wildflower gardens and are now undergoing a revolution.  In 2024, we are digging out the wildflowers (ditch lilies, wild sunflowers, weeds) and will plant annual cutting flowers, such as zinnias and gladiolas.  Then in 2025, this garden will be filled with perennials, such as daylilies and liatris.  This area is also planted with camellias which extend the blooming season into the winter.

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