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North Fruit Gardens

The narrow north garden features fruit producing plants. The blueberry bushes are several different varieties of rabbiteye blueberries, with the Premier cultivar being the most productive. The blackberries are 3 different thornless varieties. When production declined after 7 years, the blackberry row was replanted with young blackberry plants which are still in the process of getting established. We planted a Fuyu Persimmon in 2023 to replace a grafted Fruit Cocktail tree which never thrived. We are often asked how we keep critters away from the fruit plants, and the answer is, “We don’t.” We don’t grow strawberries because the racoons eat all of them. We grow enough blueberries to share with the birds and still have plenty for our family and friends. I have watched a deer browse along the blackberry row, but it was far more interested in eating the berries that had fallen to the ground. When I tried to net the blackberries to keep the squirrels out, I learned that I ruined more berries in the netting than the squirrels could ever eat.

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