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Front Garden Walk

The front walkways are lined with herbaceous borders featuring garden art, annual flowers, and perennial plants. Throughout the gardens, the art is intended to add sparkle and delight. The dragons honor Peter’s Welsh ancestry, with Wales having a dragon on its national flag. The ornithological cranes reflect our awe of Japanese gardens.


The Chihuly-inspired glass globes started as a single globe given to us as a wedding gift from a dear friend and glass artist, and over the years we have added more of her art throughout our garden. Like all the flower gardens in the yard, these front gardens combine both annual and perennial flowers to ensure a variety of blooms throughout the seasons. Perennials flowers provide a huge burst of color while in season, and the annuals such as vinca, coleus, and zinnias keep the color going all summer long.


am a plant-collector at heart; however, to temper my acquisition of plants and to create a sense of order, I have designed each of the various gardens with a theme. These front gardens have a “Red and Purple” theme, with the Japanese Iris blooming in brilliant purples alongside red Asiatic Lilies.I have also learned to embrace the philosophy of “I love to grow in my garden that which loves to grow in my garden.” And daylilies love to grow throughout the garden! You will see daylilies no matter where you look in the gardens, with over 200 named daylily varieties blooming during the peak season of early June – July. Along the front walkway is one of the first trees that we planted in 2014 after the house was built.


The Nellie Stevens Holly started out as a small shrub less than 3-feet tall, but now stands with pride of place as was intended. In spring the small unassuming blossoms of the holly are a honeybee magnet, and the hum that can be heard from 10 feet away. The towering narrow Boulevard False Cypress tree within the front border started out in 2017 as a pom-pom topiary which quickly outgrew its pruning but works nicely now as a specimen tree.

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