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BUGS Garden

Garden Welcome

Welcome to the Bernau University Garden Society garden also known as the BUGS garden.

This program started in 2012 by Dr. Rudi Kiefer who was appointed  as Brenau’s first  Director of Sustainability. His initial theme was to assist students in learning where vegetables come from before they reach the shelves of the supermarket.  In 2015 the Hall County Master Gardeners joined the program as gardening mentors.  

We practice organic gardening without the use of chemicals and explore any type of gardening that engages the BUGS members. In the garden we enjoy producing all sorts of food that we donate to charities such as beans, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli and many more.  Last year we donated over 170 pounds to groups needing food.  

We also explore nature in many ways like creating a pollinator garden,  maintaining flowering roses, and growing peanuts. We have even pounded the pigment out of flowers to make wonderful greeting cards.

This year we are planting a Three Sisters Garden and exploring the advantages of companion planting to make our organic gardening more successful.

Enjoy your tour and ask questions.

Sloyer Garden: Welcome
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