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The 2024 Garden Walk is the perfect opportunity to come and see some of the best gardens in Hall County, Georgia. This year’s walk features private gardens designed and cared for by Hall County Master Gardeners - giving you an exclusive look at what can be done in your own backyard. Come and be inspired with different gardening techniques and ideas, learn about what plants work well in our region, and enjoy a relaxing day out in nature. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert gardener, this event is for you!


The 2024 Garden Walk is a self-guided tour of the most beautiful and unique private gardens in Hall County, Georgia. You’ll be able to travel to any and all of the featured gardens on May 18, 2024 between 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, so take your time and enjoy the natural beauty around you.

Day of Event Ticket Price: $20

Day Of Tickets can be purchased at the BUGS Garden (810 Perry Street, Gainesville) or at any of the garden locations.

Note: Tickets purchased with credit card will be $20.65

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Please park courteously and avoid blocking mailboxes, driveways, and fire hydrants.


Walk on marked pathways and stepping stones to prevent damage to gardens, lawns, and plants.


Because these are private gardens, they do not meet accessibility requirements, so please use caution.


Children are welcome but must be attended to at all times.


Gardens may have water features, ponds, or swimming pools.


Service dogs are welcome. Please do not bring other pets.


Garden owners welcome photographs of their gardens but if you intent to publish the photos, please consult with the garden owner for content/release.


We have done our best to make every garden as safe as possible, but be aware that there may be inherent features that might cause injury if used improperly.


Hall County Master Gardeners and the individual homeowners assume no liability for personal injury while you are a garden guest.

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